Price list

Our company manufactures over 28 models of modular convective dehydrators. For a quick info please take a look at the price list below. For more information do not hesitate to contact us. We also design and manufacture other kind of dehydrators but only for special applications.

The prices presented here are only for comparative reference, and are subject to change without notice. These prices are for the default configuration of the machine. Please see the notes below regarding the prices.

Prices mentioned here do not include transport or accommodation for the workers that will assemble the machine.

Deshidrator FD-1×1 de 50 kg … 100 kg23.796 [euro + TVA]
Deshidrator FD-1×2 de 100kg … 200 kg29.437 [euro + TVA]
Deshidrator FD-1×3 de 150 kg … 300 kg35.270 [euro + TVA]
Deshidrator FD-2×2 de 200 kg … 400 kg44.789 [euro + TVA]
Deshidrator FD-2×3 de 300 kg … 600 kg54.681 [euro + TVA]
Deshidrator FD-2×4 de 400 kg … 800 kg64.187 [euro + TVA]
Deshidrator FD-3×3 de 450 kg … 900 kg73.204 [euro + TVA]
Deshidrator FD-3×4 de 600 kg … 1200 kg86.577 [euro + TVA]
Deshidrator FD-6×2 de 600 kg … 1200 kg103.906 [euro + TVA]
Deshidrator FD-4×4 de 800 kg … 1600 kg109.024 [euro + TVA]
Deshidrator FD-5×3 de 750 kg … 1500 kg111.276 [euro + TVA]
Deshidrator FD-7×2 de 700 kg … 1400 kg118.620 [euro + TVA]
Deshidrator FD-6×3 de 900 kg … 1800 kg130.031 [euro + TVA]
Deshidrator FD-7×3 de 1050 kg … 2100 kg149.271 [euro + TVA]
Deshidrator FD-7×4 de 1400 kg … 2800 kg178.107 [euro + TVA]

The price is given in EURO and doesn’t include taxes or transportation costs.
The price includes: the dehydrator (shell, trays, cart, electrical equipment, and automation), the intake / exhaust system with filters for a distance up to 1m from the exterior wall, assembly of the machine, personnel training and testing.
The price doesn’t include: the tools and machines for preparing the products previous to dehydration, the heating agent generator (thermal power plant), piping for thermal agent transport, the thermal agent (antifreeze and deionized water 1:4), heat recovery systems, the transport of the machine, the transport and accommodation for the personnel that will be assembling the machine. These costs depend on the machine placing in the working area, the country’s legislation regarding food safety regulations, the country where will be assembled and other factors that are out of our control. These costs will be discussed with each customer.

For a complete quote please contact us.